〈Opening hours
・Monday to Friday : open 12:00p.m. close 23:00a.m.
・Saturday & Sunday: open 12:00p.m. close 22:00p.m.

〈To contact
・Please directly contact us by using the contact information below

☎ 03-5816-0222

※ Please call us by your telephone which can show your number to display as possible as you can.
If you can't do that ,unfortunately we can only make a tentative reservation of a girl.

When you come to visit us by a train, please get on the train as below...
・At the North Gate of Okachimachi St. on the JR Yamanote-line.
・At the 4th Gate of Suehirocho St. on the Ginza-line. (Subway)
・At the 6th Gate of Yushima St. on the Chiyoda-line. (Subway)
・At the A4 Gate of Ueno-Okachimachi St. on the Oedo-line. (Subway)
※ If you come to visit us by a Taxi, please change the phone to a taxi driver.
We will be able to explan how to get to come here to him.

Price〈This amount includes tax.

Basic Couses
This course includes kiss,blowjob & hand job, mutual play. If you prefer more distinct play, we suggest you to pick from our topping options.

 45 min : ¥15,000
 60 min : ¥17,000
 90 min : ¥22,000
120 min :¥26,000
150 min :¥30,000

Option topping
Basic course + written below courses are available.

Anal sex : ¥2.000
Pegging  : ¥2,000
Fist fuck: ¥2,000
Crossdressing|Costume play: ¥3,000
SM: ¥4,000
Escort's cum: ¥4,000
Pissing ¥1,000
Adult toys: ¥1,000

VIP Courses
〈You can make a date with a girl inside and outside of our place〉

- 24 hour = 301.000 yen
- 10 hour = 151.000 yen
- 8 hour = 121.000 yen
- 6 hour = 91.000 yen
- 4 hour = 61.000 yen

・Please paying by a cush as possible as you can.
・We charge a commission of 15%,if you will use a creditcard.
・That's why we recommend that you would pay by the cush as above.
※ Only you can use a creditcard to pay whitch was published in Japan.


- Basically, a girl will show you to take a shower at the first and the end of any courses.
- Any girls have been obliged to take a blood test once a 2 month.
All because we would love you to enjoy to make love with a girl in safety.
- We appreciate your understanding very much!
We are expecting you come to visit us.
Please have a wonderful time!!

When you would like a girl to come over your place (using a delivery system)
Please directly contact us by telephone or E-mail using the contact information below

Telephone : 03-5816-0222
E-mail :
※ If you wouldn't want to nominate anyone.

Please come to visit us directly without a reservation.
After you arrived, you will be able to select a girl who is available at that day by photographes in our place.
Please do not hesitate to come to visit us.